Team work is the deciding factor between making a difference or a change. Change is, at it’s core, a people process. We are creatures of habit, hardwired to resist adopting new behaviors. To accomplish new behaviors, we must have a different mindset. To achieve a new mindset, you must be willing to change.

To the untrained eye, the word team looks like a group of people who work or play together. When you break down the concept of a team, it’s meaning becomes larger than life. Without a receptionist, calls aren’t forwarded through. Without marketing, the word doesn’t spread. Without accounts, pays aren’t delivered. Without a team leader, there is no direction. Without a team, there is no business.

We all have a role to play. From director to the cleaner, we are or should be, placed on the same pedestal. The only real difference is a title (and probably the amount you rake in each year). By being the best at what you do, you allow the team member next to you to be the best at what they do. If the cleaner makes the directors office clean, they can work without clutter, which provides focus, which leads to better results. If the team leader provides clear communication, team members can work with a purpose, which will lead to achieving their goals. Do you see by one person making a difference, a team can make a change?

“Attitude reflects leadership captain”.

The easiest way for a business to make a “change” is from the top (but it’s not the only way). If leaders of the business embrace change, they become a role model to the team. The team will mirror and model these behaviors, which starts by making a difference, which leads to making a change.

Will you make a difference?