Team Building Leadership Styles are presented in many ways. Some managers allow staff more autonomy over their work, while other micro manage their employees tasks. Some leadership styles have more effect with team building, which include participative and transformational leadership. Whilst others can be counter productive such as authoritarian. Effective Team Building Leadership Styles will alter the direction and performance of your business.

Authoritarian Leadership

Do this. Do that. Go there. Stay here. This is a form of authoritarian leadership where a boss dictates what you can and cannot do. The authoritarian doesn’t seek advice from the group. They instruct how employees must do their work. Doesn’t sound like the best team building leadership style, does it?

Participative Leadership

As far as Team Building Leadership Styles, this proves to be one of the most effective. Everyone is given a role in their department and they are accountable for how it is operated. This style of leadership promotes creativity, productivity and fulfillment in a position.

Situational Leadership

Think of an employee taking over a task in the absence of another team member. This person may need to alter their role and how they deliver instructions based on their temporary position. This generally takes place in smaller businesses where managers wear many hats to keep the business operating.

Transformational Leadership

This team building leadership trait generally means the business is heading in a different direction. They adopt new strategies to improve the business by making changes to a management team. This can be good for team morale if initiated correctly. Alternatively, it can be harmful if changes are made holistically and too quickly. The best use of this leadership style is when change is needed.

Team Building leadership styles can provide a positive or negative impact on the culture at your place of work. Choose your style wisely and be willing to adopt new strategies as required.

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