Team Building is the machine that operates your business

Team Building is the machine that operates your business. Your business is a well-functioning machine (well on the surface anyway). Cogs are turning every day. The engine room, where your core staff sit, is the fuel that keeps the machine functioning. A break down in communication can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Strong communication can keep the business churning.

Now you have your directors, executives, board, managers and leaders which are the oil. Although we sometimes think oil is overpriced and doesn’t regularly need to be changed, in essence, it’s a core requirement of your machine. Leaders provide the direction required for your machine to run at capacity. Cogs without oil will simply get burnt out. A machine which gets looked after often performs better. Team Building (and we are not talking games) is pivotal to your business.

Like any business, your business from the outside in, looks shiny, enticing and a place or thing you would invest your money or work in. The quality of the product is good, reviews on the website are positive, service is provided with a smile. However, looking on the inside out, you see some rust.

On a human relationship level, team members of the same age or sex have stronger relationships than older or younger colleagues. Skill levels and life experience differ resulting in difference of opinion. Team members who have been in the business longer have different visions to the newbies which can cause misunderstanding and frustration. Leaders often sit on higher levels or closed offices where the majority of staff have open planned offices resulting in business separation. Your machine isn’t running on optimum output. To be fair, it’s impossible for this to happen 100% of the time. Team building, which can be as simple as meetings, gatherings, functions, lunches and free group entertainment, are sometimes the 1% that can keep your team a well-oiled machine.

The operations side of the business changes people dynamics as well. Leaders look out for the best interest of the business. Sometimes without strong rapport, good communication, goals, tough decision making and understanding team dynamics the machine isn’t running at capacity. The accounts team delay invoice payment as they are monitoring cash flow. Sales reps tell white lies to their customers to avoid telling them the truth which is more harmful to the business; i.e. delivery is delayed because the courier broke down – not because accounts haven’t paid the courier. The receptionist now is fielding calls that the sales representatives are avoiding and the fingers starts to get pointed internally and externally.

Your machine needs to be fined tuned. A check up from the neck up. Washed and polished. Fuelled up with premium. Serviced and maintained. You get the drift… Communication is the key to team building. It’s not the only factor, however, it’s a major one.

Team Building is easier for some businesses than it is others. If your business is looking for a team building event that is interactive, engaging and fun, City Adventures operates Australia wide and will plan your team building event from start to finish.

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