Tips For Success Team Building Gold Coast Events
According to researchers, team building improves productivity for employees. If you’re organizing team building Gold Coast activities, you need to dedicate a lot of resources and time for the best outcome. Here are some useful tips to consider for successful team building Gold Coast events.
• Scheduling �” Yes, your employees might love their jobs (I mean, who doesn’t love to work right) but nobody wants to spend their free time on the weekends attending a work event. That’s why you need to schedule the team building event on a work day. If the event crosses over lunch or breakfast, provide them with food. And I don’t want to state the obvious, but if it’s a night time event, drinks are a certainty (a tab is a good ideas because you can set a responsible drinking limit while not taking our a second mortgage).
• Volunteering �” There are many types of activities to do for team building Gold Coast but you can always opt for volunteer work. Your employees would definitely enjoy doing something that benefits the community. It’s a good way to get everyone involved and allow them to feel positive about the event altogether. They can serve meals at a local soup kitchen or shelter or anything else charitable. Groups such as the Salvation Army, Red Cross and Meals on Wheels can benefit from your support. City Adventures ( has a fun and interactive team building Gold Coast game called Hole in One where teams build and play their own mini putt putt course using canned and boxed food items, with the food later being donated to a charity.
• Avoid Competition �” You should encourage collaboration among the employees rather than competition. That’s because if there’s a winning element, employees will focus on that and fail to learn about the big picture – building a better relationship with your colleagues. Choose an activity where your employees work together to achieve a common goal. Team building Gold Coast events can include building projects, ice breaker games such as Boom Tune (a bit like guitar hero but with drumsticks and great vibe) or a The Next Picasso (interactive team painting activity highlighting the company’s core values).
• Team Choice �” As mentioned, there are many activities to choose and some that you could do yourself include: relay races, softball, touch and more. However, not everyone in the staff might be up for such an event thus some will feel left out. You should consider any health sensitivities or physical conditions before settling on a team building Gold Coast activity to make sure it’s appropriate for everyone involved. If possible, gather information from your employees as to what they would want to do during the event for the best results.
• Offsite Venue �” Your employees will interact much freely with each other once they get out of the office. Yes, you might have a large enough compound to do any activity but you need to look for an offsite venue. The employees can enjoy the event accordingly without any worries about their supervisors watching them. Also, you can ask your employees to suggest a good venue where everyone feels satisfied attending.
• Expectations – Before stepping out of the office compound, you need to set clear expectations about the event. What’s the intent of the team building event? Yes, you might want to get a few hours off work but there are other expectations you can achieve from such an event. For instance, it could be a way to create a new mission statement for the company. Also, you might be trying to create efficient processes for the company. Whatever it is, make sure the employees know about it beforehand.
• Feedback �” Don’t forget to create a feedback card where all the participants can mention their views regarding the event. Also, you should thank them for taking their time to attend the event. You can take advantage of this information when it comes time to plan for the next event. Better yet, hire team building Gold Coast experts – City Adventures (
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