Study after study has demonstrated the value of team building. Team building games done correctly can encourage employees to work with each other as a cohesive unit. If you’re trying to find some of the best team building games for businesses, these are some of the qualities you should be looking for.

Look For Games That Are Tried And True

The best team building games aren’t always the newest. In many cases, tried and tested games are going to be your best option. The best games for team building are like a fine wine, they never go out of fashion.

If businesses have had a great experience with team building games, work relationships can extend to friendships or at least, a deeper understanding of your coworkers. Look for established games that will provide fun and laughter. This will lead to positive feedback.

Try To Find Games That Are A Good Fit For A Team Like Yours

When considering team building games, you shouldn’t just focus on whether or not the game seems appealing. You should also identify what outcomes the team may achieve by competing these activities. You may have heard, ‘you shouldn’t force a square peg into a round hole’. Identify the suitability of the game to your audience and get playing.

Seek Out Games That Are Easy To Play

Overly complex team building games can be enjoyable, but they can also cause frustration. Because of this, it’s best to avoid any games that are overly difficult to play.

Avoid games that have long lists of rules and restrictions. You should also try to stay away from those that require a great deal of setup. As they say, ‘keep it simple stupid’.

Make Sure That The Games You Choose Are Fun

More than anything else, you should make sure that your team members will have fun playing the games that you choose (drinking games don’t count). If the games are too tricky or overly physical, team members might not be doing as much bonding as they will bickering. .

When considering games, you should identify what outcomes and values your business can achieve from this. You should think about whether or not the games in question seem entertaining. Don’t play a game with your team unless you think they would have a lot of fun. Sometimes a simple game of touch, trivia or simulation exercise could do the trick.

You can find some great team building games on If you are not confident you can plan and coordinate the program, you can always give a professional team building company like City Adventures a call. And a really important note, pay close attention to how your employees respond to these games. You can sometimes gain a better understanding of your team and their traits by the way they play a game.


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