They say there is no I in team! In any big business, it takes one I to make a difference. I will help with that. I am happy to stay back later. I am the man (woman) for the job. One I make’s a difference. Two I’s form a partnership. Three I’s creates momentum and well…. You see where this is heading? Team Building exercises will lead your team from I to we.

Team Building champions surface in every workplace. Some are hidden behind a desk, some are on the frontline and some make their presence felt. Spotting a team building champion can sometimes be hard in an office environment, however, team building exercises are a great way to determine employees strengths, leadership styles, personality traits and ability to work in a team environment.

Team Building exercises can be a lot of fun. Try a few of these team building exercises in the workplace to change the tempo of your next meeting and add a but of life to the workplace.

Two Truths and a Lie

Team members write down two truths and a lie on a piece of paper. Have an open conversation with your team members with the aim of convincing them that all things written down are true. Employees have to guess which statement was a lie. This helps to encourage communication in the workplace and a fun way to get to know your team.

Career Highlights

Form a team circle of 5-10. Each team member closes their eyes and is to think of their favourite career moments. This can be memories shared with family and friends, professional success or moments they’ve shared alone. A facilitator then asks team members which 30 seconds in their lives that would like to relive. This team building exercises allows co-workers to understand their team better by acknowledging moments that individuals passions and celebrating their success.

Narrate Me

A picture book is constructed with no words. As a page is turned, a team member is asked to narrate the page by following on from the story told on the previous page/person. You can even throw in some talking themes that must be mentioned as each page turns. This can be quiet comical and is a greaticebreakerr that allows members to create a fantasy story and think on their feet. It’s a fun and easy way to build cohesion in the workplace.

Team building exercises are great for morale. They don’t need to be expensive and they can be done in under 15 minutes. Team Building company City Adventures provides great conference team building exercises that can last from 15 minutes to a full day. Find out which team members are willing to become a team building champion by buying into team building exercises.

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