Ok. Your team is looking for a great day out. The sun is shining, the team is together, but you don’t know where to start. Obviously the team wants to bond over a drink or two (or three or four), however, you want to add more to the day then just a bar tab and hangover.

Gold Coast Team Building Games are everywhere you look! Check out Timezone, The Haunted House, go to a Surf School or Hire a Dragon Boat. Or… you could find a corporate team building company like City Adventures to map out your perfect day?

Survivor is super popular at the moment. In fact City Adventures is helping a charity called LIVIN raise awareness for mental health and the co-founder of that charity Sam, is the star attraction of the show! So you could always outwit outlast and outplay your team members in order to win the ultimate prize (could be a bigger drinking tab)?

Amazing Race games are always a hit for Gold Coast Team Building activities. With so many hotspots, things to do and see, public transport in close proximity and beautiful weather, this game is a massive hit if you have a spare two hours to half a day. Teams are on a mission to be the first to land at a “country” where they need to complete challenges, avoid road blocks and make pit stops in order to be crowned Amazing Race champions! Tram, train, bike, bus or feet are the best methods of transport.

Sea FM Gold Coast has been playing the Fugitive live across the radio over the last two weeks. And what excitement that has been! Your team will receive a series of clues in order to help find the fugitive who could be lurking around the corner, in a coffee shop or at the beach. To receive more clues, teams must work together to solve activities for bonus instructions, which will lead them closer to their target. Beware; the fugitive could be a little old nanny, a big bulky man or a street performer. Who knows what the fugitive looks like or who they are! What we do know is this Gold Coast Team Building activity is one of our favorites! Are you the fugitive?

So your team doesn’t like to move around much but they are a lively bunch. You may have heard of this before. Are you ready… It’s called a flash mob. Your team receives secret training in chirography, two-step, hand claps and are sent to the streets of Surfers Paradise to perform their new routine. Little do the by standers know, you are about to moonwalk all over the main street of Surfers Paradise – the famous Cavill Avenue, along to the tunes of Bill Jean and that song that goes “It’s like that old type of Rockin’ Roll”. It’s a great laugh. Even better when you receive the film footage!

If you’re looking for Gold Coast Team Building Games, you are welcomed to give City Adventures suggestions a try. We could also custom design activities to suit your companies’ needs.