City Adventures set off for a team building journey of a different kind. Our aim… to unite others and raise awareness for mental health charity LIVIN. LIVIN is a Gold Coast charity aiming to end the stigma associated to mental health.

During stages of our lives, we go through ups and downs. This can happen in the corporate workplace, in the sporting arena, home and everywhere in between. As a team building company, we help others unite, blossom and grow into deeper relationships with others in any organisation. So this team building challenge wasn’t just for the corporate workforce, it was extended to the community. City Adventures Director Chris Borgese says “One person can make a difference, a community can make a change”.

Chris spent nine months networking with health and fitness centre’s, major corporations and small businesses to help share LIVIN’s mantra “It ain’t weak to speak”. Attending corporate workplaces, businesses and schools, Chris spoke about his 6 hour Guinness World Record Pull Up attempt to hundreds at a time, the importance of uniting together and helping friends gain an understanding of an illness some people think is a myth.

Training every day up to 14 times a week had its challenges says Chris. “Having a purpose and definitive meaning helped me on my journey to attempt something that had never been done before. Inside the gym, wasn’t necessarily where I struggled the most. It was hearing the stories of friends who have lost those closest to them that melted my heart. As a team building company, we look out for each other. LIVIN represents the same message. Whether they have the title of a team building company or a community charity, they seek the same goal. To bring people together, to unite and let each other know they’re not alone”.

On Sunday 22nd January 2017, Chris attempted the Guinness World Record for the most amount of pull-ups in 6 hours. After 2 hours his forearms started cramping. Followed by his toes, calf’s, hamstrings, chest then abs. This had never happened before during his long training sessions. He started to become delirious after 4 hours. After 5 hours he mustered every ounce of energy to continue. He say’s he had 1% left in the tank, but there was no way he was giving up. “This journey had a different meaning for me. It wasn’t about creating a World Record. It was to show that team building exists whether it is supporting a great cause like LIVIN, helping each other at work or in the sporting arena. Without the support of others, the journey loses its meaning. Without being able to share the journey there’s no real point is there?”

With the crowd cheering Chris on through the dying stages, he had 13 pull-ups to do with a minute remaining to break the Guinness World Record. 13 pull-ups in a minute. No problems right? Wrong. After 5 hours and 59 minutes, Chris has already completed 3,503 pull-ups. His legs had collapsed underneath him several times before this stage, at this point, he was severely cramping all over his body, dehydrated and delirious. As the last 5 seconds approached, he still hadn’t made the record. With 2 seconds to go, he still hadn’t made the record. In the dying second, Chris mustered one more pull up to equal the Guinness World Record before his body shut down leaving him near unconscious on the floor for 15 minutes. But he was not alone. Supported by the medical team, family, friends and supporters, Chris had just equaled the Guinness World Record for the most amount of pull-ups in 6 hours with 3,515 repetitions.

“We are a team building company that helps others find their feet. We need to lead from the front for others believe in what we offer. Today we showed that we able to gather all types of professions and individuals to raise awareness for a great cause. It’s a very proud moment that holds the fundamentals of what City Adventures offers. We put people first and we do what it takes to help out a great cause”.

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