Team Bonding in a work place is like paint on a canvass. If it’s not applied, your end result is the same – a blank canvass.

Yes, City Adventures specialises in team bonding. However, there is more than one way to skin a cat (apologises if you’re a cat lover, it’s just a phrase)! City Adventures provide team bonding programs that are elaborate and outside the square. Our specialised serviced events aim to support clients with key outcomes – usually in one massive, fun filled day, held once a year. Effectively, you have the capability to also complete this on a day to day basis within the work place.

Next time you walk past a colleague you rarely talk to, say hello. If you see a team member sitting by themselves at lunch, sit with them. If you have a few spare dollars, buy a work mate a coffee. See a colleague have a successful call/event/outcome – congratulate them. Hear of co-worker at another office doing great things, send them a positive email.

Team Bonding is about the little things. Think of it like taking a shower. Yes, that’s right! If it’s not done on a daily basis, there comes a time where people will keep their distance. It’s as easy as eye contact, hand shake, wave, pat on the back, smile, acknowledgement and praise. We all have the ability to positively contribute.

Make a contribution in your work place. Complete these positive gestures on a day to day basis, then allow City Adventures to assist with your audacious, amazing and captivating major team bonding days.