The management theory over the last several decades has evolved. This has changed from the individually focused success employee, to the development of cooperative teams that build success together. The evolution has put an ever-increasing emphasis on team building activities, especially within the corporate marketplace.

Team building activities, whether they are a quick exchange in weekly meetings or action packed events, as a collective, we learn essential collaborative skills. These skills are fundamental with assisting employees develop trust in each other other’s abilities. There is a time and place and the time is now and the place is anywhere that’s appropriate.

Promote Imagination

Team building activities take employees out of their day to day environment and provide an opportunity to think outside the box. Employees are able to be more creative, more imaginative and sometimes deliver unexpected results. It sends a positive message to team management when employees strive to be the best within their 4 wall office and during a novelty task. A perfect example would be utlising a program called Commercial Kings. Employees need to create their own commercial and follow a fun brief that incorporates company goals and the whole team. Creative problem solving skills used in this activity transfers to the workplace and allows employees to shine.

Pump up your team

Team building activities can increase employee motivation and cohesiveness. When team members successfully complete team building activities, they instantly become more confident. Commitment to team building activities showcases the company’s willingness to invest in success. Not to mention, team members become more motivated and gain trust with fellow colleagues. Try a Sports Day for those who are happy to promote friendly competition or something as fun as an Amazing Race designed by the City Adventures team.

Master the art of Problem Solving

Team building activities generally involve problem solving activities. As a collective group, teams present solutions to problems. The problem solving skills within the activity can be transferred to the office. Management are given an insight into team leadership and interaction, whilst allowing team members to breakdown barriers and successfully achieve goals. Team building activities allow teams to problem solve utlising the resources around them. Try a building activity such as City Adventures Flat Pack Attack which requires communication, leadership and plenty of patience.

Why Team Building Activities? Why City Adventures? Why not?

Are you one of the leaders? Are you searching out team building exercises to bring to the table so to speak? What have you tried in the past, and what has worked? See what you can find now, as it is always important for teams to work on coming together in unified fashion.


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