Are you starting to notice hunched over shoulders around the workplace? Does your team need a jump in their step? Sounds like it’s time to plan a team bonding day. Team Bonding days are a great way to interact with your team members, reduce stress in the workplace and gives individuals a chance to get to know each other. Did I mention that it can be lots of fun!

View for some ideas. Alternatively, keep reading on.

Company Team Bonding Ideas

1) Charity Programs
Supporting a good cause is chicken soup for the soul. It’s also a great way to bond with your team. City Adventures programs Bikes for Tykes or Build a Dog a Home will hit the spot. Building bikes or dog homes for the less fortunate is a feel good story. Maybe you could try working for the Salvation Army collecting donations or used furniture. Skill based charity programs are a great way to learn how team members work together using their professional skills.

2) Themed Dinner
Themed dinners are one of the most enjoyable nights out. Girls can dress up, boys can play their alter ego and the night commands a lot of laughs. For extra laughs, allow one of the company’s leaders to host the evening. Alternatively, provide staff details with only the date, time and theme i.e. cartoon character, action hero, favorite movie star. An hour before the dinner is to commence, send members a text on where they are to meet and let the fun begin.

3) Trampoline Parks
Who said trampoline parks were just for kids? Take your team to a trampoline park for a random day out to relieve some stress. Add a few game of dodge ball if you’re game.

4) Karaoke
We know some team members love to talk. But do they love to sing? Split teams into groups and plan a karaoke performance. Of course, you will need a brave judge to announce the winners. An extroverted group is best suited for the spot light; however, you may uncover an office superstar!

5) Something Embarrassingly Touristy
Have you been on a walking tour in your own city or one near by? How long has it been since you’ve had to read a map? Embrace a day out with camera draped around your neck (or phone in pocket), throw on your bumbag and get going! You might even learn something new! Maybe try a City Adventures Scavenger Hunt.

6) Go Kart Racing
Nothing like an adrenaline fueled hot lap to get the competitive juices flowing. Employees get the chance to interact with each other in a totally new platform and fun environment. Remember – Safety comes first!

7) Painting Class
Are you the next Picasso? City Adventures thinks so. Try one of our more relaxing activities with a twist. Learn from an artist with experience. Nothing like a wine glass in hand to let the creativity take over! It’s a great way to unwind (even without the wine).

8) Sports Game
Get the troops together and head out for a game of sport. Enjoy the sunshine with a game of touch, cricket or frisbee. If you’re looking for something a little more competitive and facilitated, you make like a referee (who can be bribed). Nothing says team spirit like perspiration and hi-5’s.

9) Improv Workshop
Who doesn’t like a good comedy show? You can use popular game boards to provide the guidelines. Grab some props, split the group into teams and let the laughter begin. The City Adventures Commercial Kings program is another option. Teams design a script in accordance to business core values and present it in a unique and fun way. From a talking palm tree to space robot, everyone has a part to play. The best thing is it’s all recorded!

10) Professional Development Workshop
Would you like to hold a team bonding session whilst providing opportunities to further your team member’s career? Offer a learning experience like no other at an off site work shop or conference. Team Building activities that specifically relate to your role in the workplace or something broad like team strategies, sales presentations and personal development.

Create a great company culture and implement team bonding activities in the workplace. Given that you spend a third of your day at work, spending time enjoying the company of your employees is highly beneficial. P.S – You get to enjoy the recognition for getting your team members out of the office!