Corporate Team Building – Guide to a Great Event (Part 1)

As a leader in the field, City Adventures corporate clients often ask how our team building activities will provide employee motivation, training and development. The answer is simple. Most employees appreciate being rewarded on their contribution to the workforce. The reward doesn’t need to be expensive. It can be a small gesture to show the company’s appreciation of them.

Ways to show appreciate in a corporate work environment include:
• Email acknowledging an individual and teams efforts that’s shared amongst employees across the division
• Scratchy – Yep, they still go along way!
• Gift Card
• Shouting Lunch
• Employee of the month award

If you’re looking for corporate team building activities, initiate office games, exercises, activities, quizzes and improve training. These free corporate team building ideas will help the team increase performance, education and cohesion.

When considering corporate team building events, employees become more motivated when they’re included in selecting the activity. It’s also beneficial if activities are geared towards developing employee’s own potential. So the best thing to do is ask employees what they want and select a program that fits in with your objectives! Check out for corporate team building ideas.

The best corporate team building activities involves rotations. Static for too long, employees can become disinterested. Team inclusion is imperative in order to obtain maximum team benefits. You may have a team member amongst your group who has specialist expertise and enjoys sharing their interests and hobbies with the group i.e. building do it your self projects, exercising, making cocktails etc.

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