Ice Breakers

Ice Breakers are an extremely effective Team Building tool. If implemented correctly, it is the perfect way to create positivity, humour and interaction with colleagues. The best way to set the scene and begin any team building event, is with laughter!

Below are three of City Adventures favourites! We use a range of team building programs and will select ice breakers that are most suited to our clients outcomes.

Ice Breakers

Game 1 – The Human Knot Game – It’s not every day you can act like a child and get away with it. Do you remember this one from your school years? Teams of 6+ stand in a circle and reach out and shake hands (without letting go) of an opposing colleague. With each hand connecting to a different person, a “human knot” has been created. Colleagues attempt to untangle their bodies without losing hand contact.

Key Outcomes include – Builds teamwork, emphasis communication skills, identifies leaders, promotes persistence and aids in problem solving ability.

Game 2 – Ballon Relay Race – Stand in single file lines facing forwards. Place a ballon between your knees of the first person in line. When the instructor yells GO!!! It’s your turn to become the athlete you’ve always dreamed of. The first person in the team turns to face the next person in line. The second person must grabs the ballon only using their knees. Follow that process with the third person and so on. If the ballon drops, teams must start over until the ballon reaches the final person in the line.

Key Outcomes include – Creates energy, promotes laughter, endorses competition and breaks down barriers.

Game 3 – The 7 Question Game – Ask a sequence of fun questions in which your colleagues answers the first thing that comes to mind i.e. Q1) If you were talking in your sleep what would you say? “Yes, I will marry you Channing Tatum”. Q2)What is the first thing you do when you get out of bed? “Go to the toilet”. Q3) If you were invisible where would you go? “Women’s locker room”. etc.

Key Outcomes – Relationship building, trust exercise, team bonding and comical transactions.

Team Building Programs with Ice Breaker Exercises is like Batman and Robbin, Starchy and Husk, Ying and Yang. Together, it just works!