As a corporate team building specialist, I am able to peer into the mind and psyche of many companies. My observation of hundreds of companies is that there is a wide spectrum of approaches to corporate team building. Some companies set the standard from day one. Others introduce a corporate team building culture over time. My belief is over the first weeks and months of your leadership, it is where one establishes the foundation of the relationship between the company and your employees. As the founder of my own corporate team building company – City Adventures, it’s in my companies and teams best interest to set the standard from day one. I always strive to lead from the front. This quote from Denzel Washington’s Movie ‘Remember the Titans’ is one of my all-time favourites “Attitude, reflect leadership, captain”. From my experience, it is a lot easier to set the standard early, rather than change it later.

Below are 3 fundamentals that I use in my own company:

  1. Be Transparent

In today’s society, our best employees demand to be informed of the progress of the company. For some, it will be revenue or bookings. For others, it may be the move to a new space, a change in leadership or financing. As a leader, it is in the companies best interest to share the appropriate amount of information when and where required.

  1. Create Clear Objectives

Whether it is running a small business of 10 staff or a large company of 100’s, don’t be fooled by thinking individuals priorities are all the same. We all have different goals and objectives. Some are financially driven, some are family driven, and some are ego driven. As a leader, the better you understand your employee’s goals, the easier it will be to reach your companies goals.

  1. Purpose Creates Passion

The best employees are here to make a difference, not accumulate figures on their paycheck. One of the roles of a leader is to create a purpose for the company and why everyone should start each day inspired. Setting targets is a classic and proven method of hitting goals. My mentor has always said, “You can not hit a target that you can not see”. Targets lead to goals, our goals contribute to our purpose.

I admit I am a small voice in a big environment. I’ve learnt there is more than one way to skin a cat. I’ve also learnt that keeping to basic fundamentals is what steers the ship in the right direction. As a corporate team building company, we don’t try to reinvent the wheel, we just have fun with it. If you’re looking to create a culture within a team, start from day one and utilise City Adventures corporate team building services with it.

Chris Borgese

Managing Director of City Adventures